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What I remember: It began at a young age. Stories at bedtime, begging for another chapter and then another. Recording the minutiae of my daily life – the precise colour of the sky, what Dad was cooking for dinner, the pattern of the bathroom tiles, the moods of the family cat. Reading in between classes at school, reading with a flashlight deep into the night. Writing pages and pages of ideas, stories, reports – filling notebooks with words; the handwriting changing and growing just as I did. 

What I know: I always knew that I wanted to write. I always knew that I wanted to live and work in the world of literature and ideas. To write what I knew and read about what I did not; to report on the events of my life and the events of the world. To read great books and write essays in response – finding themes, links and weaving together ideas to create new ones. To edit and revise; to polish each sentence until the words marched along, precise and elegant.

I am a reader, a writer, an editor and a creator of words and ideas.

Sacha Staples is a freelance writer and avid reader, with a keen eye for editing. Words, writing, and literature are her passion. Sacha graduated at the top of her class with a Masters degree in Literatures of Modernity from Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. Her scholarly writing has been published in an international academic journal, she has contributed articles and essays for numerous publications in Malta, while her editorial and creative writing, as well as her visual inspirations can be found here at Malta Notebook.

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