Curriculum Vitae




M.A. in Literatures of Modernity, Ryerson University
For my master’s degree, I specialised in the subject areas of New Journalism, Life Writing and Modern American Literature. My thesis, After the Grand Narrative: Joan Didion’s Literary Journalism, investigated the author’s documentation of the social and cultural climate of California in the 1960s and 1970s. I graduated with honours with a cumulative GPA of 4.13 (equivalent to an M.A. Distinction).

B.A. in Arts & Cont. Studies, Ryerson University
My undergraduate degree focussed on Literature and Cultural Studies, with a minor in Marketing. My thesis, Narrativising Trauma: Trauma Theory in Anne Michael’s Fugitive Pieces, explored discourses of memory, trauma with regard to the Holocaust in a modern Canadian text. I graduated with honours with a cumulative GPA of 4.04 (equivalent to a First Class Honours).


Editor of Malta Notebook 
An eclectic lifestyle blog in the form of a personal notebook that showcases my areas of interest – including culture, literature, art, design, fashion, food, motherhood, & travel – framed by my experience of living as an expatriate in Malta.

Contributing Writer, Taste&Flair, Malta's leading food/home/art/design magazine.

Contributing Writer for various magazines in Malta, including “Il-Bizzilla” (Air Malta's in flight magazine), Pink and Sunday Circle.

(former) Teaching Assistant for Dr. Randy Boyagoda for his Modern American Literature undergraduate course, English Department, Ryerson University. 

(former) Research Assistant for Dr. Elizabeth Podnieks for her Memoir & Life Writing undergraduate course, English Department, Ryerson University. 


(forthcoming) "The Scalamandré Zebras" Taste&Flair (magazine) Issue 87, April 2016
(forthcoming) "An Escape in Rome" Taste&Flair (magazine) Issue 87, April 2016
"The Coffee Table Book" Taste&Flair (magazine) Issue 86, February 2016 (p. 94-103) 
"Chinoiserie: Imagining the Exotic Orient" Taste&Flair (magazine) Issue 86, February 2016 (p. 111-117)
"Colour Stories: Sienna, Ultramarine and Vermilion" Taste&Flair (magazine) Issue 84, November 2015 (p. 94-100)
"The Narrative of Balluta Buildings" Taste&Flair (magazine) Issue 84, November 2015 (p. 151-159)
"A Journey into the World of Tea" Taste&Flair (magazine) Issue 81, August 2015 (p. 49-60)
"Finnish Design Icon: Alvar Aalto" Taste&Flair (magazine) Issue 81, August 2015 (p. 85-87)
"A Snapshot of Finnish Design" Taste&Flair (magazine) Issue 81, August 2015 (p. 89-97)
"Berlin's Design Hotels" Taste&Flair (magazine) Issue 80, July 2015 (p. 96-107)
"Brilliant Botanicals" Taste&Flair (magazine) Issue 79, June 2015 (p. 122-127)
"Micro Living" Taste&Flair (magazine) Issue 79, June 2015 (p. 128-133)
"A Labour of Love: Ceramics at Villa Bologna" Il-Bizzilla (magazine) Issue 29, May 2015 (p. 40-45)
"Mediterranean Summers in Malta" Il-Bizzilla (magazine) Issue 18, June 2014 (p. 23-27)
"Sliema Gems: A walk through one of the fairest seaside towns on the island" Il-Bizzilla (magazine) Issue 17, May 2014 (p. 30-37)
"Fostering Connections: Le Salon" Pink (magazine) Issue 114, April 2014 (p. 18-22) 
"Little Bites No. 2" Taste (magazine) Issue 68, April 2014 (89-90)
"First Home Conversations: Six Young Minds, Four New Homes" Flair (magazine) Issue 47, March 2014 (p. 32-49)
"Landscape Diaries" Flair (magazine) Issue 47, March 2014 (p. 77-80)
"An Instant Dose of Fashion" The Sunday Circle (magazine) Issue 231, March 2014 (p. 31-34)
"Fashion Dreams" Pink (magazine) Issue 113, March 2014
"Man+Machine: The Modern Love Story of Her" Vamp (magazine) The Denmark Issue No. 13. March 2014 (p. 75-76)
"Waiting for Spring" Il-Bizzilla (magazine) Issue 15, March 2014 (30-32)
"Little Bites No. 1" Taste (magazine) Issue 67, February 2014 (p. 65-69)
"Mountains and Marathons" Pink (magazine) Issue 112, February 2014 (p. 41-42)
"Love + Food” Side by Side (newspaper) Issue 2, January 2014 (p. 1, 9)
"On the Edge” The Sunday Circle (magazine) Christmas Special Edition, December 2013 (p. 41-42)
"Incarcerated by a Discourse of Binaries: America’s Mediated Culture of Terror" International Journal of Baudrillard Studies (online academic journal) Volume 6, Number 2, July 2009 


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