january review

by malta notebook

January, month of empty pockets! … let us endure this evil month, anxious as a theatrical producer’s forehead.
— Colette, French novelist and performer (1873-1954)

1 // A little tribute to the Converse All-Star — I still remember my 11-year-old self sporting classic red high-tops. 

2 // This stylish 'chick' and über-blogger offers up some tips on beating writer's block

3 // I am currently reading Truman Capote's collected essays and so I enjoyed this vignette on the infamous Black & White Ball in NYC, originally hosted by the writer.  

4 // If you're feeling brave, join Erin on her quest to read 52 books in 52 weeks (I haven't read a book a week since grad school, but I wouldn't mind the challenge).

5 // The fabulous Garance Doré tours an Parisian studio that looks exactly how a Parisian studio of a French artist should look. 

6 // Love it or hate it, I must appreciate contemporary architecture that tests the limits of convention, such as this honeycomb-inspired residential development in the Bahamas.  

7 // Thank you, Camille, for showing us all the perfection and ease of the swoop bangs.

8 // An interesting and worthwhile read about the science behind fonts (including some good types for your own blog). 

9 // The French girl duo of Pictoresq don't waste their capital on high-end fashion models, instead opting to showcase their designs on their beautiful and 'real' friends.  

10 // I am a huge fan of the writing on the Man Repeller and this essay on the King and Queen of Everything a.k.a. Jay and Bey is no exception.

11 // Starting a new brand, business, or blog and need a logo, but can't afford a graphic designer? Let Squarespace Logo help you out.  

12 // I have a bit of a web-obsession with articles on people who have gone against the odds and created beautiful homes in teeny tiny spaces. We would all do well to downsize.  

Now, on to February // Shortest month of the year and home of Saint Valentine